Press requests urgent: Update from UKCAG

Please Respond if you can and want to

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Dear All

Following on from the extensive coverage on LBC Radio yesterday about EWS1 forms, cladding and fire safety issues, we have received the following press requests. Please get in touch directly if you are interested in participating.

1. The Guardian

If you are in a building that has determined that the developer violated building regulations, either with regard to compartmentation issues, cladding, or any other fire safety issues, and you are taking/thinking of taking legal action against your developer, please contact Rob Booth at The Guardian by 27 August.


2. Russia Today

If you are affected by EWS1 issues, unable to sell, trapped in your flat, unable to move for life or work reasons, and you are willing to get in front of the camera, please contact Manuel from Russia Today TV. This is for today Wednesday 26 June.


3. BBC Newsnight

Newsnight are looking for case studies to address EWS1 certificate issues: the lives on hold through failed sales; the lenders benefiting from standard variable rates with remortgaging.

They want non-London case studies, preferably if any women are interested in coming forward.

Examples are if you are a young family who need to move urgently as your family has grown, or for example you have to move for some other urgent life reason such as divorce, debt etc.

Sebastian O'Kelly from Leasehold Knowledge Partnership is coordinating this, so if you are interested in participating, please contact him at

Kind regards